Over 20 years since starting operations, JINUSHI has grown by specializing in the JINUSHI business, always working to create and grow the leased land market.

*Figures for 2020 are based on a nine-month accounting period due to the change in the fiscal year end from March 31 to December 31.

2000 April Founded Nippon Commercial Development Co., Ltd (curremtly JINUSHI Co., Ltd.)
2001 January Opened Tokyo Office (currently the Head Office).
2007 January Opened Nagoya Office (currently the Nagoya Branch).
November Listed shares on the Nagoya Stock Exchange Centrex.
2014 December Listed shares on the First Sections of the Tokyo and Nagoya Stock Exchanges.
2016 April Founded JINUSHI Asset Management Co., Ltd.
September JINUSHI Asset Management Co., Ltd. founded JINUSHI Private REIT Investment Corporation.
2017 January Started operation of JINUSHI Private REIT Investment Corporation.
2018 May Founded JINUSHI USA INC.
July Founded JINUSHI Financial Advisors Co., Ltd.
2022 January Changed the company name from Nippon Commercial Development Co., Ltd. to JINUSHI Co., Ltd.
April Moved to the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market,
and moved to the Nagoya Stock Exchange Premier Market.
December Opened Kyushu Branch.
2023 July Head office moved to Tokyo.
2023 October Winner of the Porter Prize.
October Started JINUSHI CLUB.