Acquire land information from financial institutions and intermediary companies

■ Investment target

Investment target region All of Japan
Tokyo 23 wards, cities designated by government ordinance of Japan, core cities of Japan, and surrounding areas
Land area From approx. 1,600㎡
In urban areas, consideration possible from approx. 330㎡

Project brought by tenants


TOYOTA Auto Auction (TAA) Yokohama Atsugi Yard

LIFE Moriguchi Takii

Valor Kita-Terajima

Joint development with housing developers

Joint development with housing developers

KOHNAN PRO Kawasaki Odasakae

LIFE Sakaisuji-Hommachi

Sugi Yakkyoku Nakaotai

Land leasing of existing land and buildings

Commercial land leasing of existing properties

Methods include acquiring a project with a short number of years remaining on the agreement and (1) renewing the agreement with the existing tenant, (2) attracting a substitute tenant, and (3) having the existing tenant acquire the building and conclude a lease agreement.

Case 1: Renew agreement with existing tenant



▶During the remaining term of the land leasing agreement, multiple companies aiming to redevelop the land for the development of logistics facilities participate in the bidding

▶Enter into a new long-term land leasing agreement at the request of a tenant who wishes to continue operations

Case 2: Attract alternative tenant


SUNDRUG Warabi Minami-cho

▶Acquire land and buildings with fixed-term leasing agreement with short remaining periods

▶Attract a substitute tenant, transfer the building to the same tenant, and conclude a long-term land leasing agreement

Case 3: Existing tenant acquires building


MaxValu Express Kita-Karasuyama

▶Existing tenant wishes to continue operations as the end of the fixed-term leasing agreement approaches

▶A long-term land leasing agreement is signed at the same time the tenant acquires the building

Land off-balance sheet

Case 1

夙川学院短期大学 神戸ポートアイランドキャンバス ルフスクール マツシマホールディングス京都(現神戸学院大学ポートアイランド第2キャンパス)

Shukugawa Gakuin Junior College Kobe Port Island Campus(currently Kobe Gakuin University Port Island Campus 2)

▶Project brought in by an educational corporation based in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture

Case 2


LUSTY Neyagawa Tennis & Golf School

▶Project brought in by a management company that operates tennis and golf schools nationwide

Case 3


MATSUSHIMA Holdings Kyoto

▶Project brought in by a long-established dealer that has over 60 years of history and possesses an overwhelming share of imported car sales in Kyoto Prefecture.