Sports Support Activities

With hope for further expansion of sports and the goal of delivering moving performances to as many people as possible, JINUSHI supports and cheers on the athletes who continue to take on new challenges as a partner company.

Information on Contract Athletes

Tennis player

Masahiro Sato


Born in Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture on October 15, 1972. Masahiro began playing tennis when he was 3. He competed in All-Japan Tournaments for elementary school, junior high school, and high school. Began playing senior tennis from the age of 35.

Masahiro is driven by two passions--to experience as many things as possible in life in order to honor the memory of his mother, died when she was young, and to establish senior tennis tournaments as a major sport in Japan. As a professional tennis player, Masahiro continues to play in international senior tennis tournaments run by the ITF.

Tournament Schedule

September 2019

  • 24th Mallorca Seniors Open (Young Seniors and Seniors): Singles (Spain)

October 2019

  • USTA National Mixed 40, 50, 60 & 70 Clay Court Championship: Singles/Doubles (America)

OctoberNovember 2019

  • All-Japan Grass Court Senior Tennis Tournament: Singles/Doubles (Japan)

Major Achievements


  • All-Japan Senior Tennis Tournament
    Won Singles and Doubles

  • All-Japan Grass Court Senior Tennis Tournament
    Won Singles and Doubles


  • NIAGARA THRAPHY Australian Senior Championship
    Singles Top 8
  • Oceania Regional Seniors Tennis Championships 2019
    Singles Top 8 / Won Doubles
  • USTA National Men's 40 & 45 and Mixed 45 Clay Court Championship
    Doubles Top 8
  • 4th JSH Hotels Collection Championship
    Singles Top 8
  • 5th JSH Hotels Collection Championship
    Won Doubles
  • Karuizawa International Tennis Tournament
    Won Doubles

Tennis Player

Naoki Arimoto


Born in Nara City, Nara Prefecture on June 12, 1974. Attended middle school, high school, and college in Spain due to his Spanish mother's influence. Enrolled at Chukyo University afterward and participated in the pro tour while attending classes. After graduating, began professional activities in earnest. Won approximately 50 Japanese and international titles (achieving a top Japanese ranking of #9). Defeated numerous Japanese national champions. Participating mainly in general tournaments and the Japan league of the ITF senior world tour since 2018.

  • Former JOC national coach

  • Director, Japan Professional Tennis Association

  • S-grade elite coaching license

  • ITF Senior Ranking #5

(As of May 2019)

Tournament Schedule

May 2019

  • German Tennis Bundesliga

  • Italian JSH Hotels Collection Championships

June 2019

  • Canada 2019 Mont-Tremblant ITF Cup

August 2019

  • America USTA National Men's Grass Court Championships

October 2019

  • America World Individual Championships

Major Achievements


  • Niagara Therapy Australia Tennis Championships
    Singles: Runner up / Doubles: Champion

  • JSH Hotel Collection Championships Italy
    Singles: Runner up

  • Thailand Senior Championships
    Singles: Champion / Doubles: Champion


  • Niagara Therapy Australia Tennis Championships
    Singles: Champion

  • Oceania Regional Senior Tennis Championships
    Singles: Runner up / Doubles: Champion

  • SENKO CUP ITF Senior in Bangkok
    Singles: Champion / Doubles: Runner up

  • Tennis Bundesliga Champion, Germany

  • JSH Hotel collection Championships Italy
    Singles: Champion / Doubles: Champion

  • Mont-Tremblant ITF Cup, Canada
    Singles: Runner up / Doubles: Champion

Tennis player

Ren Nakamura


Born in Hyogo Prefecture on January 31, 1995. Influenced by his father, a professional skier, he started skiing in childhood. He began playing tennis under the influence of his mother, and his outstanding athleticism, cultivated through skiing, helped him to distinguish himself in the tennis world. He decided to play abroad by himself upon graduation from Konan Boy's Junior High School. After training in South Korea, he moved to California, U.S.A., and became an ATP Ranker (World Ranker) after earning ATP points in his third tournament on the professional tour. Then turned professional before graduating from high school in November 2013.

Tournament Schedule

February 2024

  • M25 Traralgon/Traralgon Tennis International #1
  • M15 Nakhon Si Thammarat /ITF Men's Circuit Tour 2024

Major Achievements


  • M25 HarmonITF Men's Circuit Tour 2022 TOP4

  • M15 MonastirMagic Hotel Tours by FTT Runner-up


In cooperation with Star Tennis Academy, which distributes lesson videos, etc. by professional tennis players on YouTube, we hold the"JINUSHI Cup," a tennis tournament featuring top players in Japan,every year.

Please check out the previous tournament on YouTube.

All Japan Veteran Tennis Tournament

The "All Japan Veteran Tennis Tournament" is a competition to determine the top veteran player in Japan with male and female categories and age groups ranging from 35 to 85 in 5-year increments. We endorse the ideas of the association and its contribution to the development of Japanese tennis and will continue to offer our support.

Cultural Support

Information on Sponsored Groups

Sponsoring the Osaka
Philharmonic Association

JINUSHI sponsors the Osaka Philharmonic Association.

This venerable group was established in 1947 and performs throughout Japan, while being based at the Festival Hall in Osaka.

Sponsoring the Ikugeikai

JINUSHI sponsors the Ikugeikai, an NPO which contributes to the promotion of musical culture through activities such as providing performance opportunities to young musicians and creating more fans of classical music.

Sponsoring the Japan Century
Symphony Orchestra

JINUSHI is a special sponsor of the Japan Century Symphony Orchestra (a public interest incorporated foundation), which is based in Kansai and performs throughout Japan.

Student management x regional revitalization

As an Annual Special Supporter, we support Another Japan, which is a specialty shop featuring local products from 47 prefectures in Japan. The shop provides university students with the opportunity to study and engage in real business.