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Sponsoring the Osaka
Philharmonic Association

JINUSHI sponsors the Osaka Philharmonic Association.
This venerable group was established in 1947 and performs throughout Japan, while being based at the Festival Hall in Osaka.

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Sponsoring the Ikugeikai

JINUSHI sponsors the Ikugeikai, an NPO which contributes to the promotion of musical culture through activities such as providing performance opportunities to young musicians and creating more fans of classical music.

Sponsoring the Japan Century
Symphony Orchestra

JINUSHI is a special sponsor of the Japan Century Symphony Orchestra (a public interest incorporated foundation), which is based in Kansai and performs throughout Japan.

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Student management x regional revitalization

As an Annual Special Supporter, we support Another Japan, which is a specialty shop featuring local products from 47 prefectures in Japan. The shop provides university students with the opportunity to study and engage in real business.


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