Management Philosophy

Through our JINUSHI BUSINESS, we create safe real estate financial products and fulfill our part in protecting the assets of people throughout the world.

Code of Conduct

  1. Be an adult.
  2. Take the initiative to think about the jobs you are working on.
  3. Question common sense. New products are born this way.
  4. Know the market and face it with clarity. Consider the market to be something that you create with your own hands.
  5. Think of not creating profit as immoral.
  6. Understand that there is no such thing as an unchanging company or society.
  7. Don't turn a blind eye to the work of others in the company.
  8. Speak loudly and clearly when criticizing others within the company, but don't yell.
  9. Don't lie. Don't take a defiant attitude.
    When receiving criticism, accept it with a smile and respond sincerely.
  10. Engage in extensive discussion. Share dissenting opinions with your superiors, boss, and subordinates without holding back.
    However, if the opposite decision is made, accept and follow it without complaint.
  11. Be careful not to crush the space for business chances.
  12. Smile most of all when things are tough.

About the Logo Mark

  • The red line connecting the kanji for "land" and "owner" represents JINUSHI BUSINESS that invests only in land.
  • The design is a box which is left open at the bottom-left corner. This represents how our business is growing and how we have an open corporate culture.