Management Philosophy

Through our JINUSHI BUSINESS, we create safe real estate financial products and fulfill our part in protecting the assets of people throughout the world.

Code of Conduct

  • Be an adult.
  • Take the initiative to think about the jobs you are working on.
  • Question common sense. New products are born this way.
  • Know the market and face it with clarity. Consider the market to be something that you create with your own hands.
  • Think of not creating profit as immoral.
  • Understand that there is no such thing as an unchanging company or society.
  • Don't turn a blind eye to the work of others in the company.
  • Speak loudly and clearly when criticizing others within the company, but don't yell.
  • Don't lie. Don't take a defiant attitude.
    When receiving criticism, accept it with a smile and respond sincerely.
  • Engage in extensive discussion. Share dissenting opinions with your superiors, boss, and subordinates without holding back.
    However, if the opposite decision is made, accept and follow it without complaint.
  • Be careful not to crush the space for business chances.
  • Smile most of all when things are tough.

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