Firm Analyst
Daiwa Securities Mamoru Masumiya
Nomura Securities Sho Sakabe
  • This list is based on the information available to us as of the publication. Therefore, please note that there may be other analysts who are not listed in this list and that all information may not be up-to-date or consistent with other information.
  • This list is provided solely for investors to provide information on analysts who analyze and forecast the Company's performance, etc., and the organizations to which they belong, this list is not intended as a solicitation or recommendation to buy or sell our shares.
  • Analysts analyze and forecast our finance, performance, technology, business environment, economic trends, and other factors on their independent judgment. Neither We nor our management is involved in any way in the process of making such forecasts. We do not support or guarantee any forecasts, opinions, or recommendations made by analysts.
  • Please make investment decisions at their discretion and responsibility when investing.
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