About the Use of IR Information

The IR information listed on this website is intended to provide financial information, management indexes, etc., on JINUSHI Co., Ltd.(hereinafter, "the Company"). The Company makes absolutely no declaration or guarantee in regards to the contents of said IR information.
Listing of information on this website is not intended to attract investors. When actually investing, please refrain from making investment decisions which are completely dependent on the information on this website. Instead, please make your own judgments when deciding to invest.

About the Listed Information

The Company exercises the utmost care in regards to information listed on the website. However, regardless of the reason, the Company assumes absolutely no responsibility for the listing of mistaken information, modification of data by a third party, problems occurring as the result of data downloading and other processing, etc.

About Forward-Looking Statements

A portion of information listed on this website contain forward-looking statement. These statements are not guarantees of future performance. Instead, they contain risks and uncertainties. Actual results may differ from forecasted future results due to factors such as changes in the business environment.

About Operating This Website

This website is subject to suspended operation, cancelled operation, or changes to contents without prior notice.
Furthermore, there may be cases in which the website cannot be correctly used due to reasons such as the communications environment or status of the customer's computer. The Company accepts absolutely no responsibility for any trouble, losses, or damages incurred in such cases.