Aiming to be a major landowner in Japan as JINUSHI REIT grows.

Since our founding in 2000, JINUSHI (previously Nippon Commercial Development) has been engaged in JINUSHI BUSINESS, which invests only in land by utilizing fixed-term land lease rights.
JINUSHI(landowner) purchases land and then leases the land.
We do not construct or own buildings.
We provide the leased land to investors as a real estate financial product that can be expected to generate long-term stable profits.
This business has significant future potential.

The word JINUSHI represents the start of an era with new meaning and value.
We look forward to your continued support of JINUSHI Co., Ltd. in the future.

Top Message

JINUSHI BUSINESS was born from our difficult experiences in the past.

We were previously working at a real estate corporation of a general trading group (late 1990s). We were in charge of development and leasing of general merchandise stores (GMS) in Shiga Prefecture. Although the business went smoothly at first, the GMS tenant fell into a financial trouble and vacated the property. Fortunately, the property was located in front of a train station, so we were able to find a new tenant. However, as conditions demanded by the new tenant, we were forced to lower the rent and make an additional investment for renovating the building.

This experience taught us the risk of owning buildings dedicated to a specific tenant and operating in specific business categories. We realized that "the project would have gone well if we had leased only a land without constructing any buildings."

Prior to our experience, the Act on Land and Building Leases was amended in 1992 to establish fixed-term commercial land leasing rights. As a result of this amendment, after leasing land to a long-term tenant, the property is always returned to the landowner as a vacant lot. We used the fixed-term commercial land leasing rights to create the real estate financial product, "JINUSHI BUSINESS". This product provides stable long-term income by leasing only a land without owning any buildings. We decided to make the real estate investment method "JINUSHI BUSINESS" the pillar of our company. This episode took place in spring of 2000, right around the time that we founded our company.

Over the next 20-plus years, we continued the "JINUSHI BUSINESS" as our full-time business and achieved growth for JINUSHI REIT, thus gaining market recognition for leased land . From now on, the leased land market will continue to expand. JINUSHI Co., Ltd. will carve out new possibilities for JINUSHI BUSINESS.

Representative Director and President

Teruaki Nishira

1974   Born in Nara Prefecture.
1998   Graduated from the Faculty of Law, Konan University.
1998   Joined Kanematsu Urban Development Corporation.
2000   Joined Nippon Commercial Development Co., Ltd.(curremtly JINUSHI Co., Ltd.)
2005   Appointed as Director at JINUSHI Co., Ltd.
2016   Appointed as Representative Director and President of JINUSHI Asset Management Co., Ltd.
2022   Appointed as Representative Director, President, and COO of JINUSHI Co., Ltd.
2023   Appointed as Representative Director and President of JINUSHI Co., Ltd.