As the only private REIT specializing in fixed-term land leasing in Japan, we provide stable long-term management of the funds of institutional investors. We have established a reputation as a “stable landlord” from tenants who desire long-term and stable business operations.

Managed assets

221.6 billion yen

(7 th/out of 54 stocks)

Number of managed properties

154 properties

(1 st/out of 54 stocks)

Managed assets

Fixed-term land leasing

((only such service in Japan))

Number of investors


Distribution yield

Approx. 4%

Credit rating (JCR)


*Note: As of January 10, 2024 by JINUSHI REIT. Other fund's data are based on December 31, 2023

Change in Asset Scale

Utilizing sponsor support from JINUSHI Co., Ltd., JINUSHI REIT achieved the initial plan of 100 billion yen of assets in five years after starting operation. JINUSHI REIT now aims to reach 500 billion yen as soon as possible, and we have set a medium-term target of 300 billion yen as a milestone.

*Note: The figures shown in the graph above reflect data immediately after the end of each recruitment (asset scope is basedonthe appraisal value at the time of acquisition; 2023 is as of July 3, 2023; 2026 is the target of the medium-term management plan.).