Q1When was the company established?

In April 2000.

Q2What are your business activities?

We operate the JINUSHI BUSINESS, which consists of purchasing land, leasing the land, selling the leased land, and then management of the funds of investors. The name "JINUSHI Business" means "land owner business" in English, referring to how we focus solely on the property value of land without constructing buildings.

Q3When were your shares first listed on a stock exchange?

Our shares were listed on the Nagoya Stock Exchange Centrex on November 8, 2007. On April 30, 2013, we changed markets to the Second Section of the Nagoya Stock Exchange. On December 26, 2014, we were designated to the First Section of the Nagoya Stock Exchange and listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. On April 4, 2022, Moved to the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market and the Nagoya Stock Exchange Premier Market.

Q4What is your securities code?

It is 3252.

Q5What is the share trading unit?

We have used a unit share system since April 1, 2013. The share trading unit is 100 shares.

Q6When is your fiscal year end?

On December 31.

Q7How should shareholders contact your company regarding changes to items such as address or name, or inquires on designating the dividend receipt method or other questions?

For shareholders who have opened an account at a securities firm, we ask that they contact the securities firm where they have an account. For shareholders who have not opened an account at a securities firm, please contact Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited by telephone(toll free: 0120-176-417).

Q8I don't have an account at a securities firm. What should I do?

Our company has opened a special account with Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited(the manager of the shareholders register) for shareholders who have not used(Japan Securities Depository Center, Incorporated). To check the balance of your special account or to notify of changes to address, etc., please contact Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited by telephone(toll free: 0120-176-417).

Q9Do you have a shareholders benefits system?

Please use the Shareholders benefits page on our website.

Q10When is your general meeting of shareholders?

It is scheduled for March.

Q11How should we contact your company for inquiries related to IR?

Please use the Inquiries page on our website.

Q12What was the reason for publicly listing your shares?

Listing our shares makes it possible to strengthen the social reliability of our company.

Q13What risks are associated with the expansion of your business?

Please refer to "Business Risks, etc." in the financial results summaries available in the IR library.* 

*Note: Financial results summaries are only available in Japanese.

Q14What are the special characteristics of your business model?

We operate the JINUSHI BUSINESS, which focuses solely on investing in land without owning buildings. Through this business, we develop safe real estate financial products which provide stable long-term profit.

Q15Please describe your most recent stock splits.

Stock splits which were implemented or are scheduled to be implemented after the IPO.
April 1, 2013: 1 share was split into 100 shares
July 1, 2013: 1 share was split into 4 shares
September 1, 2014: 1 share was split into 3 shares

Q16How much is your current stock price?

Please view our latest stock price below.

Q17How many shares have you issued?

Please use the Stock conditions / Shareholders memo page on our website.

Q18When do you announce financial results?

Our schedule for announcing financial results is listed in our IR calendar, please view below.


JINUSHI REIT safely operates the capital of institutional investors through our JINUSHI BUSINESS, which is a safe real estate investment product that utilizes fixed-term land lease rights for business. The JINUSHI BUSINESS is forecasted to provide stable cash flows in the long-term, and does not require additional investments, including building maintenance and repairs.