• When was the company established?

    In April 2000.

  • What are your business activities?

    We operate the JINUSHI BUSINESS, which consists of purchasing land, leasing the land, selling the leased land, and then management of the funds of investors. The name "JINUSHI Business" means "land owner business" in English, referring to how we focus solely on the property value of land without constructing buildings.

  • Please describe your most recent stock splits.

    Stock splits which were implemented or are scheduled to be implemented after the IPO.
    April 1, 2013: 1 share was split into 100 shares
    July 1, 2013: 1 share was split into 4 shares
    September 1, 2014: 1 share was split into 3 shares

  • What is JINUSHI REIT?

    JINUSHI REIT safely operates the capital of institutional investors through our JINUSHI BUSINESS, which is a safe real estate investment product that utilizes fixed-term land lease rights for business. The JINUSHI BUSINESS is forecasted to provide stable cash flows in the long-term, and does not require additional investments, including building maintenance and repairs.

    Details are available here.